I am a 29 year old doctor from India whose only hobby is sims (sigh!) .I mostly build community lots and my playstyle is non-legacy based.

The New and improved AQUARIUS ( *giggle* another bar!)

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  4. napoleonfrost said: This is amazing!
  5. aroundthesims said: *faint* MunMun, you’re the QUEEN of bars! Seriously, where do you find all these ideas? I never see anywhere else places like yours! <3
  6. simsaralove said: Very stylish!! Love the black&white theme.
  7. phyresimblr said: Ugh. Your just killed me. Again! You are the Queen of Community Lots MunMun. WOW. That is STUNNING! I love the black & white colour scheme, very elegant and upper-class.
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