I am a 29 year old doctor from India whose only hobby is sims (sigh!) .I mostly build community lots and my playstyle is non-legacy based.

Terrace Cliff- Ground floor bar with an upper floor restaurant overlooking the sea.Features Karaoke,fresh breeze and spicy food!

Random Follower Gift:

Asteroid Club:

Dance and DJ club.Features include an open air swimming pool,dance sphere,LN bar,DJ station,dance floors.

Requirements: All EPs and SPs except KPST,Movie stuff,Diesel.

No Store stuff , No CC.

Lot Size: 25x25

Download: Sims3pack , Package (to be dropped in the Library Folder)

Hidden Grove Modern 2 : Interiors Part 1

More Angel City Spammage

Angel City Spammage

Glassblower’s Workshop

Future Mall - Cafe + pool

Here ends my spammage!