I am a 29 year old doctor from India whose only hobby is sims (sigh!) .I mostly build community lots and my playstyle is non-legacy based.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
omg I love your lot The Forest so much! do you think you'll ever put it up for download? *_*
icy-spicy-scalpel icy-spicy-scalpel Said:

The lot is so full of CC that I do not know where to begin :(.I can share the library file( but without the cc it will not look the same).Conversely, I can try to pare down the cc and share a less cc-heavy version when I get enough time :).

Thanks for liking the lot<3

And thank you so much guys for all the likes, comments and re-blogs.This truly made me happy in a difficult time.

Louvse you all

The Forest

Early Morning Snow

Selfie sunday

Municipal Muses Revamp: A complete rebuild of the City hall/Museum of Willow Creek.Features an Art Gallery,Various offices of city officials,Mayor’s office and living space.Also features space for a Garden Wedding event and BBQ party.

Lot size : 40x30

Uploaded to the gallery with #icemunmun , #icyspicyscalpel.Origin ID: MChatterjee

Durga puja 2014

WIP- Municipal offices cum Art Gallery

Various WIPs